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Guy's Attempt At An Arm Wrestle Goes Horribly Wrong

We’ve all been there: It’s Friday night, you’re a couple of beers in at the pub and you start to think you’re Conor McGregor.

Which is exactly how it was going down in an Irish pub recently when an over-confident barman happened to suggest that he could take an equally cocky customer on in an arm wrestling competition.

Gauntlets were thrown, a €20 note was produced for the winner and the two faced off.

Luckily – or unluckily, depending on your level of squeamishness – someone stepped in to film the showdown, catching the exact moment the barman’s arm snaps in the tustle.


You can literally see the guy’s face as it happens; it’s pure frickin’ agony.

Apparently the poor barman had to have serious surgery after the gross AF throw-down, having plates and bolts inserted to correct the damage.

Speaking about the incident, the manager of the Dublin pub said that his employee had given it his all.

“Customer challenged our barman to an arm wrestle – a bet of €20 that he would not get his arm down,” he said.

“Our barman tried so hard he broke his arm.”

You’ve been warned.

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