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Guys Guess What Happens On Girls Night & It's Pretty Spot On

When the group chat pings with a “Uh, ladies, we SO need a Girls’ Night!” message, you know EXACTLY what needs to be done.

You hustle. You rally. You just, like, do the thing you always do.

Turns out guys are STILL struggling to figure out what that is.

Our new favourite thread on Reddit asked male users what they thought happened on a girls’ night and the answers ranged from pretty spot on observations (right down to the daggy trackies) to the hilariously vintage (who, pray tell, first decided we all loved having pillow fights in our undies?!).

“Depends on if it’s a night in or out,” smallerthings sagely advised. “If it’s a night in, then I assume they drink wine, wear sweatpants, watch a terrible movie.

“If they go out, they all get super dressed up. Everyone shows up late as fuck everywhere. Pre-game at someone’s house and get really loud, go to a club because they just want to dance.

“Eventually someone is going to cry.”


Ten points to smallerthings!

ALittleFrittata had one, tiny addition. “There has to be a portion of the evening where one girl loses her phone and everyone stops what they’re doing to look for it.”


Aaand then it started getting predictable.

“When my wife is on a ‘girl’s night’ I’m pretty sure she’s usually at her girlfriend’s place having sex with her,” iamaprettykitty chimed in. “That’s what she claims anyway, and I trust her.”


JangWolly reckons it’s all “flower shows, shopping for pretty bows, then back to her place, strip down to bra and panties for a tickle fight”, while GoldenWizard’s impression is of “Nooo, guurlll, you’re so much prettier than me, like, ohmygod I wish I had your skin! I would totally cut it off and wear it over mine it’s so beautiful!”

Our favourite though? Kirkby100.

“They woo… Oh god, the woos!”


Woooo!! Girls’ night!

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