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Heidi Klum's Halloween Costume Is Heaps Confusing

It'd be pretty tricky to find anyone - seriously, anyone - in Hollywood who loves Halloween more than Heidi Klum. 

In the last few years we've seen her transform into a slightly terrifying Jessica Rabbit, a skinless human and Kali the Hindu Goddess, all in the name of a good time/ getting a bucketful of lollies.

So when October rolls around, we get a little antsy. What's she thinking? What's she wearing? How many arms will she have?

Well the answer was two. Two arms. For 2017, Heidi Klum went as... Heidi Klum.




The supermodel told Vanity Fair last week that she'd be rocking up to her 17th annual Halloween bash wearing something with "a German theme."

"My costume is going to be made in Germany," she said, being all sneaky and mysterious. "It's been in planning for four months."

Heidi took to Instagram to document the entire getting ready process and it looked like she was getting a heckin' amount of prosthetics again this year.

Turns out that was for all of her Heidi clones. 


We're on the fence about this one. Yes, it's clever. But... She just looks like a heaps hot Heidi Klum.


One thing's for sure though; the inside of Heidi Klum's brain must be a pretttyyy interesting place to hang out.

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