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Gilmore Girls : A Year In The Life Gets A Launch Date!

It seems to have taken forever, but we finally have a premiere date.

Get out our planner and pencil this in, as all four 90-minute episodes of the new season of the Gilmore Girls will be on Netflix, on Friday, November 25.

Netflix announced its return to Stars Hollow earlier in the year, and all your favourites are coming back including Lorelai, Rory and Emily.

It is going to be set 10 years after the series ended its original run and will pick up after the death of Richard Gilmore and will then track through an entire calendar year.

The show will pick up in winter and end in fall, with each episode representing another season.

Back in June, we get an awesome promo for the show revealing that the original Gilmore Girls will be available in all countries in the lead up to launch.

You have seven seasons to get through before November 25.

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