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Looking For Adam: What This Son Does For His Mum Is Amazing

Alex Lyngaas thinks his mum, Eva is a "total catch", but she gave up on finding love while raising him and his older brother.

The brothers encouraged their mum to date again but nothing really happened until Alex got the idea to make a video highlighting her best qualities...

The video, called "Looking For Adam" is a play on her nickname, Eve.

The original video currently has over 9 million views, and he managed to keep the project a secret from her for a year.

"My mother is single and she deserves a good man," Alex said in the video.

He explained that Eva has been on a few dates that have not worked out, and is looking for the love of her life.

As the video comes to a close, Eva asks her son, "My gosh, Alex, what do you want to do with this?"

When Alex suggests putting it on YouTube, she responds, "The Internet?"

Now, months later, Alex has posted a follow-up video, they received over 3,000 emails.

While she hasn't found her Adam yet, we're sure YouTube will be the first to know...

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