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McDonald's Optical Illusion Has Everyone Rubbing Their Eyes

When you think McDonald's you think Happy Meals, road trips and hangover cures.

What you don't think is optical illusions - until now, that is.

The joy-bringing burger legends dropped a super confusing optical illusion on their Facebook page in a now-deleted post that has everyone rubbing their eyes.

We're not going to spoil it just yet but here's a couple of hints: you'll need to move back from your screen a little and squinting may help.


According to The Mirror, more than 11,000 people commented under the eye-watering picture, complaining of ill effects.

"As if my eyes weren't bad enough," one wrote. "Spent a good 10 minutes looking at this now everything I look at looks like a zebra on steroids.

"Thanks McDonald's."

Another commented: "That's just messed up my eyes, thanks McDonald's" while a third added that the illusion was "migraine inducing and making me feel ill."

Just in case you haven't spotted it yet, the writing in between the vertical lines reads "bring Mcnuggets" which, a spokesperson said, was a "bit of fun".

"It's great to see people reading between the lines and talking about our McNuggets post," they explained. 

"We're always looking to have a bit of fun with our customers while celebrating our iconic menu."

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