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Mum Of Child At Center Of H&M Race Row: 'Get Over It'

The mum of the young boy at the center of the H&M race row earlier his week has called for people to 'stop crying wolf' claiming that 'unnecessary controversy' has overshadowed her son's advert.

Terry Mango, of Stockholm, Sweden, has taken to Facebook after the retailer was accused of racism when an image of her son Liam, five, wearing a jumper with the phrase 'coolest monkey in the jungle' printed on the front appeared online.


Ms Mango has told critics - including several high profile musicians and sports stars - to 'get over it' and 'stop crying wolf'.

Basketball player LeBron James and music mogul P Diddy are among the celebs who criticized H&M while others had called for a boycott of the chain.


While H&M has since removed the image from its websites and issued an apology, Ms Mango has written: 'Am the mum and this is one of hundreds of outfits my son has modelled... stop crying wolf all the time, unnecessary issue here... get over it [sic].'

Ms Mango said she 'really doesn't understand' the issue, adding: 'Not coz am choosing not to but because it's not my way of thinking sorry [sic].'

'Everyone is entitled to their opinion.'


Speaking to Gulf News, Ms Mango later revealed she had been targeted by trolls for her comments, including those who used 'monkey' as a racial slur against her.

She said: 'How can you fight racism if you make racist remarks?,' she said.

'You cannot try to defend my son and use the same words to describe me.'

Daily Mail

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