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NZ Uses Australia Day To Promote NZ Movie

New Zealand has used our great Aussie tradition of nicking stuff from them to celebrate Australia Day.

Starring Sam Neill, the vid touches on a bit of NZ history before listing some of the “iconic” things that Australia has “taken possession of”, like Crowded House, Phar Lap,

“Like Crowded House, Phar Lap, pavlovas, Russell… Russell…can’t remember his second name,” Neill deadpans, ‘forgetting’ Russell Crowe’s surname.

“So, what could be more appropriate than on Australia Day than to show a New Zealand film?”

He then shamelessly promotes 2016’s Hunt For The Wilderpeople, which also stars Neill, and “an annoying fat kid”.

The film, directed by the brilliant Taika Waititi, is actually New Zealand’s highest grossing film ever made, but in the clip, Neill refers to it as “our little Aussie movie”.

Slow clap.

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