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NSW Police Forced To Apologise To Ref Over Sassy Origin Joke

You or may have heard about the NSW Police Force on social media and how downright ~sassy~ they are.

Well it seems one of their jokes has landed them in hot water - and they’ve been forced to apologise to State or Origin referee Matt Cecchin.

The apology comes after the social media team poked fun at the ref, uploading a doctored photo of the ref in a Maroons jersey.

The state’s police force yesterday issued a grovelling apology for posting the fake picture online of Cecchin in the Queensland top before game three of this year’s Origin series.

The caption only made it worse: “NSW Police uncover QLD’s plan to replace Johnathan Thurston in game three.” Some found it funny… Cecchin did not.

It’s understood he personally made an official complaint to the NSW Police Force and not through NRL channels, and it was acknowledged that Cecchin had ‘suffered hurt and damage to his reputation.’


The complaint was not said to be about any mistakes made during the game, but rather that by putting him in the jersey questioned his integrity as a referee.

“The NSWPF wishes to make clear it did not intend to make any serious assertion that Mr Cecchin was biased as a referee and only intended for the meme to be a lighthearted joke,” NSW Police Force said.

“However, the NSWPF acknowledges that, in posting the meme, Mr Cecchin has suffered hurt and damage to his reputation.

“The NSWPF wishes to make clear it does not think Mr Cecchin is biased as a referee and withdraws any such suggestion unreservedly.

“The NSWPF apologises to Mr Cecchin for any hurt or damage caused.”

Source: Daily Telegraph

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