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Nurse Reveals The Last Words People Say Before They Die

If there’s one thing I tend to wonder, it’s about what it’s like to die.

Macmillan nurses in the UK care for the terminally ill, and a couple have revealed some of the moving things patients have said as it came near to the end of their lives.

It was all for a special video for BBC News titled ‘What Do People Say Before They Die?’


The overarching message of the video was it is possible to have a ‘good death’, and nurses who took part wanted to communicate that people shouldn’t be afraid of passing on.

Nurse Dani Jervis said in the moving film: ‘We do get people that would like their favourite tipple.

‘One person said life is too short, do the things that you want, do the things that make you happy,’ she said.

Another nurse, Louise Massey, said: ‘To see the joy on someone’s face when they’re dying when their dogs been in to see them is priceless.’


‘One thing that was said to me quite recently was about the dying process and he said it wasn’t like the movies and what you see on the TV,’ Carina Lowe said.

Nurse Jervis added: ‘I think there is such a thing as a good death and I think communication is key.

‘If there is something that you want to do, go for it.’

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