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How Offspring Fans Can Watch The New Series FIRST!

It's the most hyped TV event of the year and nobody knows what is going to happen in the new series of Offspring!

There is a loophole for you to find out early though!

The new series will premiere at 8:30PM on Wednesday June 29 but Channel Ten are giving fanatics the chance to get on board EARLY!

All you have to do is head to tenplay.com.au/offspringpremiere  NOW and they will have the chance to be the first to watch it TWO DAYS EARLY!

Ten Play will put the first episode up for 40 hours BUT it is limited to 30,000 views, from 9am Monday July 27.

Network Ten head of drama Rick Mayer said ''It seems only fair we acknowledge just how important the audience is with a sneak peek for the true believers.''

TenPlay has made the previous five series of the show available so everyone can catch up before the new series begins!

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