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Parents Are Outraged By ‘Sex Scene’ In Fireman Sam

Before we start this story, it has to be made clear that the scene the parents in this story saw, was NOT actually a gay sex scene, it was simply away the innocent scene was constructed that made it look so x-rated.

Parents who walked in on their kids watching the cartoon on Channel 5, were shocked to see what they thought to be at the time - a gay sex scene taking place on screen.

It was pointed out that in the unintentionally funny scene that fireman character Elvis Cringlinton was being ‘penetrated’ by Station Master Steel.

The seven second clip of Steel seemingly mounting Elvis from behind went very viral very quickly, with Twitter users finding the footage hilarious.

Dad, Adam Tranter tweeted: My kids were watching Fireman Sam and then this happened.’

Another twitter user, Nakisa, tweeted: Dirty Scene from Fireman Sam via /r/cartoons.

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