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Plus-Size Bikini-Wearing Blogger Slams Fat Shamers In The Best Way Ever

Loey Lane, a plus-size video blogger, took to her YouTube channel to call out fat-shamers after she received hate for being proud to wear bikinis. 

The 22-year-old has a large following on her YouTube and Instagram pages, and posted the tongue-in-cheek video entitled "Why fat girls shouldn't wear bikinis".

She said the issue has come up a lot recently, and wanted to address her 347,000 followers and also her critics.

"The first thing I'm told a lot is that bikinis do not look good on bigger girls," she said. 

"I'm gonna have to disagree."

I turn 22 in a little over an hour, and I've never been so thrilled to look back at a year of my life. 21 was so good to me. My whole world changed this year. I began working for myself and turned my hobby into my job. I became a better daughter, wife, sister and friend. Speaking of which, I met the best friends I've ever had in my life and eliminated the negative people I'd been afraid to let go of for so long. I've been honest with myself and changed the parts of my life I didn't feel comfortable with. I've embraced all the rest. I'm very certain now of who I am as a person, and I like her a lot. I'm happy, I'm thankful, and I am proud of what I'm using my time on earth for. I'll never forget how I feel in this moment, and I am so ready to be 22. 💋🎉

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She reminds her viewers that beauty is subjective, and that just because some people might not find something attractive doesn't mean another won't.

"The second thing I'm told is that it makes people uncomfortable... seeing this much skin on a bigger woman makes someone else uncomfortable," she noted.

She said it seems a bit unreasonable that only fat women showing skin makes people uncomfortable.

Hi friends! 👋 Hope you're having a great Sunday! I wanted to say THANK YOU for 350,000 subscribers! For some reason this milestone feels even stranger than all the others. I know a lot of you have found me recently from the Daily Mail and Today Show articles. So welcome! I'm glad to have you 💗💗💗 And to those who have come to lecture me on my health, body and influence over my subscribers; do a bit of research before you make a fool out of yourself. Sorry I've been MIA for all of this, I've really been enjoying my little summer staycation. The weather has been amazing in KS today! Warm but not TOO hot, with a really nice breeze. About to go for a nice long jog with my puppy 😋 Have a wonderful day. I love you! #loeylane #iamflawless

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"Other body types are not told this," she said.

"Thin women are not told to stop wearing whatever they're wearing because it makes someone else uncomfortable. So I'm gonna call bull on that.

"The third [objection] is that we are promoting obesity. So someone who's plus-size, fat, curvy - whatever you want to call it - if they are in less clothing, we are promoting obesity.

"Anyone who is fat and not completely miserable is promoting obesity, by the way," she added sarcastically.

She finishes her rant with the realisation that none of the excuses are valid.

"So does that mean we get to continue wearing what we want?"

Photos: Instagram & YouTube

H/T Daily Mail

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