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Police Officer Treated To Impromptu Dance Routine

A police officer who got a call out to a noise complaint at an apartment block in Carrollton, Texas last month, got treated to a surprise dance routine.

When the officer arrived at the scene he was met with a group of groomsmen, and of course the groom-to-be, who were practicing a dance to surprise his soon-to-be bride.

The groom-to-be, David Opegbemi told ABC News, "When the officer first approached us, we were a little nervous, but we knew we were doing nothing wrong."

To prove what they were telling the officer, they offered to show him the routine, which was an adorable little choreography set to "My Girl" (watch below).

The officer then congratulated Opegbemi and left them to continue with their rehearsals, which weren't that loud to begin with.

The Carrollton Police Department later shared the footage of the incident on their Facebook page, after the wedding had taken place so as not to ruin any surprise for the bride.

"We see a lot of bad. But we see a lot of good too," the post reads.

You've gotta do dance practice somewhere, and these guys were clearly doing no harm. It's so good to see this outcome from both sides, well done to all involved!

Oh, and we have word that Tiera, Opegbemi's now-wife, absolutely loved the groomsmen's performance on their wedding day!

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