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Poor Bloke Hits Reply-All To A Sydney Pub Email

You know the fear that tears through you as you realise that you've accidentally hit reply-all, rather than reply? 

Well one pub in Sydney certainly does today; a slight mix-up with their address book has quickly spiralled into a free-for-all, even inspiring its own hashtag, #LetLukeIn.

It all started when the poor Unicorn Hotel in Paddington fired off their weekly email to remind customers about their "Badge Draw", which is currently sitting at an impressive $1,400.

But there didn't seem to be any BCC'ing going on when the original newsletter was sent out which meant that when one recipient, a chap by the name of Luke, replied to complain about being refused entry to the bar, all 156 people on the chain were looped in too.

"Why is there a sign out the front of your pub that says 'everyone welcome' yet when I come for a refreshment after I've had a couple at the cricket with the boys your bouncer refuses me entry?" Luke asked what he thought was the Unicorn but was actually a tidy slice of Sydney.


Replies were pretty slow to start - a couple of those brought into the blue hit back with joking support - but it wasn't until someone started the #LetLukeIn hashtag that it really snowballed.


"Luke is entitled to refreshment," one emailee played along. "I hate the thought of him being parched and lethargic."

Another added: "Luke raises a very good point #LetLukeIn" while a third wondered if "anyone [could] provide a character reference for Luke #LetLukeIn?"


Ever the legends, the Unicorn got involved too, somehow managing to shade the heck out of Luke while also offering him a free drink.

"Hi Luke," they started. "Thanks for your enquiry about the seemingly confusing nature of our signage.

"1. It's been four months since cricket season, let it go.

"2. We also have a sign that says "No Creeps".

"3. We are willing to run the risk and let you in for this weekend so we can buy you a pint and a schnitty - provided you are a good boy."


Anyone else feel like a trip to the Unicorn to hang out with Luke and the gang is in order this weekend?


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