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These Sneakers Are The New "Dress"

Remember "The Dress"? It broke up relationships, caused arguments between best friends and made you start judging everyone for what colour they claimed to see.

(For the record, it was blue and black. That's enough now.)

Well now the internet has been faced with a new dilemma so frustrating, it will quite possibly ruin your life; the latest viral photo to do the rounds is of a sneaker that NO-ONE can agree on the colour of.

Is it mint and grey or pink and white? Have a look.

What makes it even more confusing is that while some people saw one colour to start with, they see another the next time the look at the photo.


"WTAF. Earlier I was seeing grey and reading comments saying it changes like 'yeah right'," one commenter wrote. "NOW I SEE IT IN PINK!!"

A second agreed: "They were pink and white when I looked at them but showed someone else and look from a distance at them and now they're grey and mint."

What do you see?

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