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Russian Actor Wakes Up Bloodied, Hazy and Missing WHAT!?

One Russian TV actor had a man's worst nightmare realised, when he woke up at a bus stop bloodied, confused and without part of his manhood recently. 

According to reports, the married man had been flirting with a blonde the night before and had indulged in a sauna with her before blacking out.

He woke up at the bus stop in acute pain with blood allegedly covering his trousers and most importantly... sans testicles. 

A visit to the hospital shed further light to the matter, with doctors noticing the procedure had been executed by someone with medical knowledge. 

An investigation into the situation indicates that the man's testicles were likely removed to sell on the black market and are on search for a gang - including a doctor - who are suspects.

The 30-year-old victim was allegedly hesitant to discuss the situation with his wife. 

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