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Serena William's Emotional Breastfeeding Confession

Serena Williams is a doting mother, absolutely relishing every moment she has with her newborn bub, Alexis. 

Photos of the pair have been splashed over her personal Social Media - and we can't get enough!

But Serena's latest post tugged on the heartstrings more than most. 

Calling out to fellow mums she asked "How long do you breastfeed? Is it weird that I get emotional when I even just think about when it's time to stop?

Hormones aside, we're certain it's a question that many mums and parents have pondered. 

The post was accompanied by another sweet photo of Alexis. 

Considering the 1.8k comments and 11k likes, the post definitely resonated. 

Williams is set to enter the Australian Open in January in Melbourne - and despite giving birth recently, she is still tipped to win the competition. 

What an amazing woman and mother! 

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