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Seven Year Switch's Jackie & Tim Attacked Over New-Born.

Former Seven Year Switch couple Jackie and Tim are learning that parenting their child with then public looking at them comes with a downside.

Picures of the couple looking overjoyed with their gorgeous son Chadwick Wolf have earned some very disapproving comments this week.

Jackie posted a photo of herself in bed with her new baby and a sleeping Tim saying ‘In bed with my babes. Lying awake and perfectly still so as not to wake the other 2.’

While the photo was completely beautiful, people fired back with comments that were not so nice, saying ‘’Ever had to comfort a parent after you've told them their child is dead from suffocated from co sleeping? ‘I have. It's the most devastating thing to watch the grief they feel. Please get educated.’

Another post shows Tim placing the baby on his back with the caption ‘Really not impressed. Asked Tim to hold him for 5 minutes...however sometimes you have to let go and let dads do their thing..’

To which a follower replied ‘Oh dear. I wouldn't be either tbh’, with another chiming in, ‘I'm scared for the baby.’

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