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‘Sex Box’ Is A Real Show Where People Have Sex, In A Box...

If you missed the UK version of this show awhile back, then fear not, Sex Box USA is here.

This show does exactly what it says on the tin.

A couple join three experts on a couch, discuss their relationship, including their sex life and then they get up, walk over to a large box that sits off to the side of a stage and they get in the box and have sex.

The box is not see through and they take off their mics as they enter it, but the audience members and the crew and the experts are all less than 20 feet away from them as they get down to business.

When they're done, the lights change colour and a sort of bell/whistling sound indicates they've finished.

They then join the experts back on the couch, dressed in weird silk PJs and discuss everything that just went down.


The science behind the program (and when we say science we are using this term verrrrry lightly) claims that because of the hormones released during sex, the couples are much more open to the expert's advice.

The thing that really freaked us out about this though?

When the lights change and the buzzer indicates that the couple have finished, everyone screams and claps and WOOHOOS.

Bizarre reality tv at it's finest ladies and gentlemen and if you really can't live without it then tune into SBS2 on Sundays at 10.20pm.

Images via SBS

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