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Shannon Noll & Danny Green Debate Moving Australia Day

Singer Shannon Noll has weighed into the Australia Day debate while speaking with fellow celebs on reality show I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!

Noll explained that, “If it offends our original Australians, I would be quite happy to talk about a date that suits everybody that doesn’t represent a bloodshed day for them,”

“If that day represents obviously pain and heartache for our original, native Australians, then I think they are as proud Australians as any of us so I would be up for maybe moving it to a day that they are happy and we are happy and everyone is happy but not lose the day,” Noll said.

However boxer Danny Green didn’t agree saying, “It is not a day that is going to go away so where would you like to move it?”

“You either scrap the day altogether and no one ever came here and colonised the land.”

“I was raised well and truly by my father teaching me all about indigenous culture and who the traditional land owners are, who to respect and why to respect them. I am truly across it so I’ve got no interest in getting involved in a politically skewed conversation here,” he quipped.

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