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Shocking Video As Groom Drags Bride-to-Be Out Of Wedding Car

A video which shows a groom on his wedding day violently dragging his new bride out of a wedding car has sparked huge debate in China.

Initial reports suggested that the groom was angry that his fiancée had demanded a large amount of cash before she would to step out of the vehicle.

However, the groom claimed he was angry after the driver of the wedding car had demanded gift money from them.

The couple, Mr and Mrs Li, were married in January 17, and when the footage recently went viral in China stories about what may have caused the drama ran wild.

One account claimed the groom kicked the bride and demanded her to return the wedding money he had given her, while others say the woman asked to be given cash before agreeing to meet the wedding guests.

Some claimed the groom found out his fiancée had slept with her ex-boyfriend the night before their wedding, while another claim was that the bride shocked the groom by bringing her children to the wedding, whose existence the groom had not known.

Whatever the reason, let's hope they sorted out their differences before they went on the honeymoon!

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