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Shocking Vision Of The Moment A Young Mum Attacks A Teenager

Terrifying vision has emerged of a vicious fight outside a New Zealand school that was allegedly sparked by an argument on Facebook.   

A 15-year-old girl was left bleeding from her ear after allegedly being kicked and punched in the head by a young mum. 

The mother of the victim revealed the Facebook argument took place between her daughter and two other teenagers. 

She said the girls had planned to meet outside Waikato college on the upper North Island of New Zealand, at 2:30pm this week. But, her daughter was left stunned when she was allegedly confronted by not just one of the girls, but a gang of her adult friends. 

One of those friends is believed to be a 20-year-old mother, who allegedly went on to attack the 15-year-old.  

"My daughter and her friends didn't know they were going to get there and there was going to be grown adults, it makes me sick" the victim's mother said. 

The disturbing vision shows the teenager being thrown to the ground before being punched multiple times in the head. 

The young girl is heard screaming while onlookers yell for someone to call the police. Her mum said she'd been left with cuts and grazes all over her face, arms and legs. 

Police are investigating. 

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