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Sinead O'Connor Sends Russell Brand Sexy Explicit Message

Troubled singer Sinead O’Connor has sent a bizarre sexually explicit message to comedian Russell Brand after he recently offered her his support following her recent breakdown.

O'Connor recently posted a heart breaking video where she spoke of her ongoing mental health battles and revealed that she was living in a hotel as she was cut off from her immediate family.

Brand posted a video saying O'Connor needs “connection, meaning, purpose, love and a bit of time, really”.

After seeing Brand's message O’Connor decided to thank him with a sexually-charged message.

She wrote on Facebook:

“Thank you so much for your beautiful support”

“Have always felt a great kinship with you. Could also do with a jolly good rogering, frankly. The last man who touched my body took out my reproductive system two years ago."

"So if you really wanna be part of my healing journey, c’mon, horse it into me, boss.”

She added in a later post:

“In case of a long line forming … its only Russell I wanna do, so don’t waste your time.”

Brand, who is engaged, has previously spoken how he admired O’Connor and had a crush on her when he was younger.

Daily Telegraph

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