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Baubles On Granny’s Xmas Tree Discovered To Be Sparkly Thong

Does anyone else cherish memories of hanging up a special bauble / christmas ornament to your grandparent's Christmas tree each year emblazoned with your name? 

Well, this isn't one of those stories. 

In fact, this would be an awkward realisation while helping your little, old granny decorate her festive Christmas tree!

A woman named Alex was helping her 74 year old grandma get into the Christmas spirit, topped off by six recently purchased pretty, purple baubles...

Except they weren't just baubles as Granny innocently thought... but instead they filled with stripper worthy g-bangers. 

And we don't think it was 'a gift for each of the granddaughters'....

Apparently the glittery filling was unbeknownst to her as she made the purchase. 

Poor love.

Whoever served her at the store would no doubt have a very different impression of this little, old lady!

At least she has a sense of humour about the situation!

And not going to lie, those baubles are kinda cute!

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