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Snapchat Might Force Us To Watch 3 Seconds Of Unskippable Ad

Snapchat has had some rough times lately surrounding profitability. However, it seems that the potential answer to their problems could be quite a pain for users of the app.

The answer is ads. I’ll give you a second to groan at that…


The platform already serves up some advertising between viewing stories, but the issue is, you can easily skip those ads and most users flick it away within a second. After all, no one wants to sit through ads if they don’t need to.

Snapchat is now addressing the issue and considering making the ads skippable after 3 seconds, which means they’re basically forcing you to watch it for at least that long. Doing this would keep the company’s advertisers happy and Snapchat would also be able to charge more for the ad space due to the exposure. 

The ad sales team at Snapchat is apparently pushing hard for the change while others are more cautious about forcing the ads on their audience. A top advertiser from a brand that works with the platform told AdAge, “Advertisers are not spending as much as they have previously with Snapchat.”

“They have to do something that draws more interest from advertisers, and they are getting more aggressive to address the market’s needs.”

“They need ads that can keep people’s attention for longer periods of times.”

A video ad needs to be watched for at least two seconds to be consider “viewable”, according to the US Media Rating Council. 

It’s uncertain if or when the company will makes the changes to how users see the ads.

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