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Someone Decided To Hang A Homophobic Sign On Brisbane's M1

We've seen some close-minded arguments and outlandish suggestions surrounding the vote for Marriage Equality. 

Then we saw this. 

A very opinionated person has taken it upon themselves to warn the public about the vote above Brisbane's M1 freeway - because that is obviously want you want to see on your commute to and from work. 

We're especially amused by the 'life drawings' that they've included... 

They probably could have put more effort into drawing the female anatomy, just saying.

The sign itself says: "Only the Illuminati, Jewish media, sell-out government, and homosexuals want gay marriage."

"WAKE UP SHEEPLE. Research the New World Order SHEEPLE. Baaahahaha"

So, obviously, their argument is coming from a highly educated and informed stance...

Thankfully the sign was reportedly removed within the day. 

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