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Something New Is Coming To The Big Supermarkets

Coles is considering introducing new technology at their self-serve checkouts to reduce their annual $1.1 billion theft debt.

News.com.au has reported that Coles is looking at machine scanners that recognise fruit and vegetables by a combination of weight and image recognition.

Research has recently revealed that shoppers are more likely to steal at a self-serve machine because they are so distanced from the human face of the business.

Coles has not responded about the technology and has also denied it was putting more staff on check-outs, so customers could see a human face more often.

Supermarket theft is undertaken by customers scanning through more expensive fruit and vegetables as a cheaper product.

Canstar Blue has revealed in a report that customers are known as putting everything ‘through as carrots.’’

Almost one in 10 shoppers have admitted they cheat the supermarkets in the self-serve section.

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