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Sydney Woman Nearly Dies During Breast Enlargement Surgery

We all know that any surgery is not without it's risk, but for one woman, a simple breast enlarging procedure almost ended in tragedy.

20-year-old Amy Lee Rickhuss went into cardiac arrest while undergoing her procedure at The Cosmetic Institute in Parramatta in January. She was rushed to Westmead hospital by paramedics.

The managing director of the Institute told The Daily Telegraph at the time of the incident that Ms Rickhuss had suffered a reaction to the anaesthetic, something he said 'can happen with any procedure".

However, Dr Phillipa Hore of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists told Fairfax Media that the drug, intralipd, that was admistered to Ms Rickhuss is used to treat patients who had been given the wrong dose of anaesthetic.

“Intralipid is used for treatment of an overdose of local anaesthetic,” she said. “It is either an overdose or a smaller dose that has been inadvertently injected into a blood vessel.”

Luckily for Ms Rickhuss, she is okay - and her enlargment was completed before she went into cardiac arrest.


“The operation was completed. The incident happened halfway through the operation, so I was stabilised and then the paramedics and my surgeon made the decision to finish the surgery rather than leave me with gaping wounds and one breast implant,” she told The Sunday Telegraph at the time.

“Despite everything, I’m so happy that they finished the surgery. I would have been very upset to end up with one boob!”

However, she has told Fairfax that she intends to sue The Cosmetic Institute.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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