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Taking Selfies Is A 'Serious Psychological Disorder'

New research has revealed that chronic selfie-taking is at an all time high.

'Selfitis' is a legit thing and has been dubbed by scientists as a 'serious psychological disorder'.

Two India-based researchers, Janarthanan Balakrishnan and Mark D. Griffiths, conducted the study on university students from across India and the results are astounding. 

The 700 participants, aged between 18 and 30, all took selfies every day, with some taking as many as 8 in one day.

34% were deemed to be borderline obsessive, 40% met the standard of acute sufferers of selfitis and 25.5% percent were assessed to be chronic selfie takers.

Men were found to be more obsessive than women, with 57.5% of men scoring high for obsessive behaviour ahead of 42.5 percent of women.

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