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Teen Battling Cancer Banned From Dance Over Absent Days

A UK teenager recovering from cancer has been left devastated after her school banned her from a school dance because she hadn’t attended enough classes.

Alex Dallas, 16, who went to Orminston Bolingbroke Academy in Cheshire, has battled cancer since she was four.

Last year, Alex chose to undergo a life-threatening operation to remove a tumour in her head, which ultimately meant she could go to the dance.

All went well with the operation, and in the following weeks, Alex was even able to take up some home schooling to keep up-to-date with her lessons.

As she recovered, her mum spent about $640 on a customised pink lace dress, plus another $100 on shoes. Her grandmother was also pretty excited, treating Alex to a makeover which cost about $170.


The school, however, had different ideas.

They said it had been a requirement for students to turn up to class for two weeks before the dance - something Alex hadn’t done.

A spokesperson told The Sunday Mirror: “Because she had not been in school for six months, we asked her to come in for one hour a day over a two-week period before the prom, so we could make an assessment and so she could interact with other students.

“Unfortunately, she did not do so and so we reluctantly took the decision that it would not be right for her to attend the event.”

Alex was devastated, saying that the dance was the one thing she had looked forward to.


“It’s upset me that they say I’m mentally unstable – I’m not. People shouldn’t discriminate for something they don’t understand,” she added.

The school has copped intense criticism.

Alex’s mum, Sam, accused the school of being unsupportive: “She needed this, she’s just had her head sliced open in a massive operation."

“They say it’s a safeguarding issue and asked, ‘what if she locks herself in a toilet?’

The dance has since been and gone. Sam said her daughter tearfully watched her friends celebrate on social media.

“The school’s motto is every child matters – why didn’t my child matter?”

Years of chemotherapy and radiotherapy caused her growth to stunt – Alex is just 137 centimetres tall.

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