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The Bachelor's Nikki Gogan has Been LYING

It looks like Nikki Gogan may have been telling Richie Strahan a few lies on the Bachelor.

During the home visits episode on Thursday night, Gogan told Strahan she had "only had one relationship".

However, NewsCorp has reported that she also spent time with New Zealand resident Scott van den Bosch last year, after she split with her former fiancee Tim Verlinden.

The relationship with van den Bosch was pretty full on, she met his parents just six months before the Bachelor began filming, travelling to Dunedin for the meeting.

There was also a return visit for van den Bosch, who stayed with Gogan for a week at her parents home in Northam.

Gogan told News Corp that she didn’t feel the relationship was ''serious’’.

“I did spend a small period of time with my friend Scott,” Gogan said. “I never considered this to be a serious relationship and we parted amicably.”

However, Van den Bosch told the newspaper “I thought things were going to be progressing," and he had thought that Gogan had hooked up with Strahan before the show.

"It was just from some things she said to me I got the feeling they’d already been together."

Gogan has confessed she was in love with Strahan when he met her family but she's since lost her place as favourite, with Alex Nation now the hot tip to be the lady to win.

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