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The Beach Loving Alpaca Stealing The Internet's Heart!

You've heard of Grumpy cat and Doug the Pug but what about Chewy the alpaca? The popular Adelaide pet is taking Instagram by storm amassing over 20k followers and counting!

It's not hard to see why. Chewy who lives with his best friend and owner, Matt has become a mini-celebrity in the beach-side suburb of Somerton Park, where he's often spotted going for a beach stroll. 

Only one swimming today #chewythealpaca #sunset

A photo posted by Chewpaca (@chew_paca) on

The 13-year-old received Chewy as a Christmas present three years ago after begging his parents for the gorgeous alpaca. 

The family collected Chewy on Christmas eve and the pair have been inseparable ever since. Matt says while Chewy is much easier to look after than a dog, he's not as easy going, spitting at people who surprise or annoy him.

Loves his walks #alpacasofinstagram #chewythealpaca

A photo posted by Chewpaca (@chew_paca) on

Instagram followers are treated to super cute pictures of Chewy hanging out with the family's pet rabbit, cruising the streets of Somerton and enjoying cuddles from Matt. 

Loving the rain ☔️ #chewythealpaca

A photo posted by Chewpaca (@chew_paca) on

Chewy in the car!!#alpacasofinstagram #carrides #roadtrip #chewythealpaca #alpaca

A photo posted by Chewpaca (@chew_paca) on

I think chewys gonna miss him.. #cute #alpaca #chewythealpaca #animal @maddies_phot0s

A photo posted by Chewpaca (@chew_paca) on

While it's not a common pet, Alpacas can be kept in suburban areas as long as they have plenty of space to graze. 

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