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The First Peek Of The New Gilmore Girls Is Here!

It can't be long until the Gilmore Girls are back on our TV screens now!

The teasers have started and this one is AMAZING.

When we left Stars Hallow for the last time nearly 7 years ago, Rory was about to set off to help President Obama on the campaign trail and it looks like we are about to see where she has gone.

In a two-minute teaser clip uploaded to Twitter, we see Rory sitting down with First Lady Michelle Obama in the White House!

The clip is to promote the U.S goverments 'Let Girls Learn' programme that Michelle is a strong supporter of.

As we see in the clip, Rory supports it too and hands over heaps of books to Michelle to help with the programme.

It's so good to see Rory back and even Lorelai gets a mention, as she gifts some pop tarts to Michelle.

It's the best and the Gilmore Girls is due on Netflix in Spring!

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