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Facebook Feature Lets You Read Convo Without Leaving A Seen

Facebook is constantly introducing new features to either improve or simply better the social media experience for their users.

Many of the new features rolled out in the past have been to combat harassment and bullying, and now the platform have introduced a tool that allows users to prevent unwanted friend requests and messages. 

“We’ve heard stories from people who have blocked someone only to encounter the same harasser using a different account,” Facebook’s Global Head of Safety, Antigone Davis wrote in a blog post. “In order to help prevent those bad encounters, we are building on existing features that prevent fake and inauthentic accounts on Facebook.”

Basically, this means that if you block someone and they create another account to keep messaging you, the new tools will be able to pick up that it’s the same person and continue to block them from contacting you. To achieve this, the tools will use signals such as IP addresses to recognise the accounts. 

Davis said, “The person who blocked the original account is in control, and must initiate contact with the new account in order for them to interact normally.”

Another feature that has been added allows users to ignore conversations entirely. When the tool is enabled, notifications from the chosen conversation will be disabled and the whole thread will be move into your filtered messages folder. Once in the filter messages folder, you can read the conversation without the sender knowing. It effectively allows you to read something without leaving a “Seen” in the chat, despite having actually seen it! 

Facebook have said they developed the tools by working closely with the National Network to End Domestic Violence and a number of experts across many fields. 

These tools are a powerful way to fight harassment and bullying. It’s great to see a social media platform go to these lengths for their users. 

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