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PROOF That Facebook Is Listening To ALL Your Conversations

Have you ever heard rumours that Facebook is spying on us all?

I have - and it’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

That our conversations aren’t really our sacred conversations, they’re easily taken - and then used to market to us.

You see, what Facebook is suspected of doing, is listening in to all your conversations, and using keywords to target ads to you - so that they’re better servicing their clients.

A couple in the US have set to prove this theory - and they thought they’d do it by talking about something they’d never need or search for: cat food. (They don’t have a cat).

They spent the day talking to each about ‘cat food’ and ‘buying cat food’ and ‘which cat food they should buy.’ Low and behold, two days later, ads for cat food started showing up in the Facebook feed.

Wow… I guess Facebook really is spying on us.

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