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The Pug Version Of ‘It’ Is Everything

We thought that the reaction "naawwww" to the movie 'IT' was something absolutely impossible...you know because it's a rather disturbing film about a murderous clown who terrorises children.

But that was until we found this particular version of the film...a version that stars a little pug!! (Yep we're obsessed with anything dog related)

And that's not just any pug puppy, but facebook famous Doug The Pug! You know, the doggo that has previously starred in 'The Fresh Pug of Bel Air' or 'How the Grinch Stole Pugmas'?

To refresh your memory, it's this little guy:

Anywho, someone has taken the time to dress up Doug in a little yellow raincoat and let him re-enact the famous scene in the movie (well in the trailer anyway...ain't no way I'll actually watch the whole film), where the child's paper boat floats down the gutter and into the killer-clown infested drain.

And it turns out Doug is the only star in this short film, as he also plays the role of Pennywise or 'Puggywise' the clown.

But don't worry, this one's anything but scary! If this was how the actually 'IT' film was made I'd DEFINITELY be lining up at the cinema to see it!

Check out the adorable clip below, but beware of Puggywise's cuteness...that's just how he drags you in.

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