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The Secret Behind Aussie Celeb Hunter's Success With The Sta

We've all been left broken hearted and asking why, after missing the chance to get up close and personal with our favourite star.

But, no-one knows better than celebrity hunter, Cameron Booth on what it takes to meet your idol.

Cameron is an Australian celebrity hunter extraordinaire who's rubbed shoulders with the likes of Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid. 

Over the last four years the budding hip hop artist has met close to 200 celebrities and counting. His first run in with fame happened in 2012, when a friend helped him meet Macklemore at the airport.

After scoring a photo and free tickets to his show, Cameron was hooked.

"I've had a lot of experiences with celebrities. Most are really nice and stop to take photos and interact with you," Cameron said.


While he puts his success down to patience and planning, his most memorial brush with fame came in a Melbourne elevator, when he bumped into Gigi Hadid. The 23-year-old says he didn't recognise the super model at first and told her "she looked familiar" and asked "was she famous?" - Smooth Cameron, smooth.

The 21 year old confirmed his suspicious, telling him she was very good friends with Kylie Jenner and she was in town for the Melbourne Cup. Is there any celebrity that's not connected to the Kardashian/Jenner clan!?


Speaking of Kardashian's, Cameron rates his encounter with Kim as one of his favourites, describing Mrs Kardashian West as "one of the best people I've met in my life." We're not sure Taylor Swift would agree.


Cameron says the key to success is perseverance. The youngster has had to contend with disgruntled security guards, paparazzi and long waits to get up close and personal with his fave celebs, but says it's all worth it.

Most recently Cameron was faced with a barrage of burley security guards blocking rapper Tyga from interacting with fans at Melbourne airport.

In this instance the budding hip hop artist used good old guilt to get Mr Kylie Jenner to stop, telling him, "please you're my idol. I'm am aspiring artist like you." It worked.

"Advice wise, I would just say try your hardest because it does take a lot of time and energy. It's very time consuming and it involves a lot of money for travel, food, taxis if you want to follow these people. Go hard, try your best. keep going until you succeed," says Cameron.

The celebrity hunter says treating the A-listers like normal people also helps.

"I ask them not so much about their music or acting, just asking general questions. Hows the flight, what they want to do when they're in Australia, Just make them feel welcome and happy," he said.

And it appears to be working, with Cameron cosying up to the likes of Ellie Goulding, Hilary Duff and even America's toughest trainer, Jillian Michaels.



And if you weren't jealous enough *cue screaming late 20 somethings* he's even meet all members of Hanson. MMMMMwhat? Maybe we need to start following Cameron's advice.


And while he rates Katy Perry and the Backstreet boys as the nicest celebrities, there is one very important star Cameron's yet to meet, Ariana Grande.


The celebrity hunter was left in tears after a failed attempt at meeting her while in Sydney, but as vowed they will meet one day. "She is my whole life she means everything she means. I've dedicated my life to her," Cameron says.

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