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The Twitter Meme That Goes Way, Way Too Far

If you're not familiar with Stan Twitter, it's a nasty place. 

Twitter is where, let's say, passionate fans flock to admire their favourite artists. Unfortunately, that admiration usually involves pitting their faves against others.  

4 artists that are constantly in the firing line of each others respective fandoms are Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato. 

The latest Twitter meme just goes to show that stans (i.e. super fans) are willing to cross all sorts of lines in order to defend their fave "ex-act" (i.e. former Disney star) 

One of Selena Gomez's fans took the opportunity to mock Demi Lovato for the death of her father.


So one of Demi's fans fired back with this; mocking Selena Gomez for her recent surgery.


That's when things got ugly. 


It's not the only time Selena's surgery has been a target of online hate. 


Just as this latest meme is used to tear artists down, it's also used as a way to brag about their achievements. 



If your faith in humanity needs restoring, for every hateful and inappropriate comment that a Twitter stan hurls around, there's always someone who calls them out for it. 

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