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The Way This Guy Gets Rid Of Blackheads Is BEYOND Gross!

Over the years there have been countless products that claim they are the perfect way to remove or even prevent the build up of blackheads on our face.

From hundred's of soaps and creams to applying strips or poking them with needles that look like they should be used in surgery, people have tried countless ways to get rid of them, but now, this guy has come up with the ultimate, and GROSSEST technique yet!

Twenty-three year old Jacob Acosta has posted this video where he squeezes the hell out of his nostrils....

Speaking to LADbible Acosta said:

"I had always seen these videos about people using those blackhead removers and getting rid of each one, one by one."

"I was tired of poking the hell out of my nose and ended up pushing up against it with some force and a few of them had finally came out. So I decided to push with a bit more force and - bam - all the filaments started coming out."

He added:

"Having huge nose might help,"

"More surface area most likely means more pressure points to actually get all of the gunk out."

He said that only certain people should try to remove blackheads this way:

"You would probably need some type of pain tolerance to get it done because there is a lot of pressure and it makes my eyes water at time."

And finally, he added this timely advice...

"Don't break your nose trying to get s^!t out of it."

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