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The Word ‘Hangry’ Has Officially Become A Real Word!

By Isabella Lovric

The word ‘hangry’ has been a regular incorporation into our vocabularies. Most of us are well aware of the feeling of being so hungry that you are ready to lash out at the first person in sight.

Well, we've been heard people! 

The word ‘hangry’ has now been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, defined as a blend of hungry and angry, to mean "bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger”.

This wasn’t the only word added, there was another 1,100+ words that will now be included in the most comprehensive dictionary of the English language with new additions such as ‘mansplaining’, ‘tomgirl’ and ‘swag’. 

The OED only accepts words that have been used by a number of independent sources for a ‘reasonable amount of time’.

Funnily enough, the word ‘hangry’ has actually been around since 1956 when it was used in a psychoanalytic journal, however it has caught on to people who should never skip their lunch. 

You can check out the full list of new OED words here!

While you’re at it, make yourself a sandwich!

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