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Men Are Dressing As Mermen For Charity

Ah Canada. Home of the maple leaf, Ryan Reynolds and now, Mermen.

Newfoundland & Labrador Beard and Mustache Club members have stripped down to nothing but their face fur and some flashy fins to sell a 2018 calendar.


Nicknamed the Merb'ys, the men are raising funds for Spirit Horse NL, which is a Canadian group that offers support to people with mental health issues via therapeutic interaction with horses.

"They're desperately in need of funds and awareness because it's expensive to raise and upkeep horses," says Hasan Hai in an interview with CBC, who founded the Newfoundland and Labrador Beard & Moustache Club. "I figured right away that this is a cause our club can get behind."

Finding men in their club with facial hair did not prove an issue as Hai said he was inundated with at least 70 applications to be a part of the initiative.

Moving around in a fishtail is not as easy as you would think," says Hai, because "behind the scenes, when the camera's not running, there's a lot of hopping involved – and squirming." 

The calendar has challenged a "different take on what manliness and masculinity looks like" and the response has been very positive.

See the full story by CBC here:

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