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This EPIC Stolen Skateboard Story Is An Absolute CORKER

It was a bloody long shot, but a dude who wrote an open letter to his skateboard’s thief... has had it returned.  

A couple of days ago, @TakenFloods posted a picture on Reddit of his public note, titled ‘I Hope You Enjoy My Skateboard’, which he had posted around town after his skatey was lifted from inside his car.     

“I appreciate that you didn’t smash any windows when you broke into my vehicle and tried to cut my battery out of the engine,” the letter read.

“But I couldn’t care less about that; because you took my skateboard.”


He told the story of how his skateboard wasn’t “just a skateboard” to him.

“You took something a 16-year-old kid bought working a minimum wage food service job in 1996… meaning it probably took me a week to earn something you took in a couple [of] minutes.”

He went on to describe how his skateboard was actually his “travel companion” over 21 years and gave some maintenance advice.

“The Grind King trucks are lightweight and match the deck, you’ll need an allen wrench to adjust them. I have a special one if you want to borrow it.”

He also let the thief know that the bearings were Bones REDS and that the wheels were vintage.

“I watched eBay for weeks to get the right ones because I needed bigger wheels to skate the boardwalk at Venice. Every day after work in 2014 I skated to the Venice Fishing Pier and watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean on that board.”

In a final shot to the feels, @TakenFloods hoped the thief appreciated the Pantera lyrics written on the top.

“I paint-markered them in my friend Joe’s bedroom in 1997. He committed suicide after he got back from Iraq in 2009. His brother Noah died outside of Fallujah in 2004. We used to skate together”

    He signed off by suggesting that if the thief could appreciate what he wrote, he should probably return the skateboard, but if not, he wished him good luck as it was “a lot of karma to handle” and the hope he would have a better life from now on.

    On Friday, this picture shot the front page of Reddit with the caption “Update on stolen skateboard... IT CAME BACK!!!!!”


    Four hours after posting the update, it had already tracked more than 580 comments, including stories from other Redditors of sentimental items which had been returned after being stolen.

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