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This Halloween Costume Is Causing Serious Controversy

If you’re stuck for a Halloween costume, you’re certainly not alone.

The pressure is on to find an outfit the ‘wows’ the crowds, but is also topical - and if you’re in the U.S, there’s one that stands out about the rest.


One Reddit user has posted a photo of an incredibly inventive Donald Trump costume, tying into the whole deportation movement of the Trump government - and all in all, it’s pretty well done.

Reddit users agree… “She can stay,” one user wrote.

“But only if she comes back... legally,” another joked.

“Wear a shoulder sling of tequila shooters and you're golden,” was my favourite.

Stuck on an outfit for this weekend?

UNDIZ have you sorted. I especially love the skeleton and the sexy cat woman.


They have glow-in-the-dark features to ensure you stand out at any party! Check out the shop, here…



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