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THIS Is What Really Goes On At Long Bay Jail Every Night

Have you ever wondered what REALLY goes on in prison?

I know we’ve all heard the rumours and wondered, either publicly or privately, what REALLY goes on in prison?

Are straight man ever tempted to swing the other way after being in prison for so long? Where does it happen? Do the guards witness it?

Well, we spoke to a former prison guard about what actually goes down behind bars - and after 11 years in the job, he described a lot of things he’d seen, even if he wished he hadn’t.

For the sake of this exercise, we’ll call him Bruce*, as he didn’t want to reveal his true identity and even chose to have his voice altered for the chat.

Bruce said that if he had a dollar for every time he’d caught prisoners having consensual sex in their cells, he could’ve retired after five years.

“It doesn’t happen in the showers, it happens in the privacy of their cells at night,” he told Kyle and Jackie O.

“There’s more action in prison than an after-party at the Mardi Gras.”

He explained that prison officials handed out 10,000 condoms a year at Long Bay alone!

“The mathematics speak for themselves,” he said.

Bruce said prisoners often denied having sex, but almost all took part in one way or another.

“They all claim they don’t do it,” he said.

“They all say they’re macho and homophobic but they are doing it every night, every one of them.

If they do more than six months in prison, they are having sex.”

“Sex is used as a trade off — a popular prisoner at Long Bay would (perform sex acts) for a can of Coke.

“In the mornings when we used to let them out of their cells it was common term to say things like, ‘Get out of your mates and out of the cell’.

(Sex) was a very popular thing and it still is.”

He also touched on drugs in prison, explaining that drugs were regularly found inside prison cells, more often than not smuggled in by friends and family members during visits.

“In society, the majority of people are not drug addicts. In prison, the majority of people are drug addicts. Desperate people do desperate things.”

*Bruce’s name has been changed to protect his identity

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