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What That Tiny Hole Next To Your IPhone Camera Is Used For

All iPhone users out there, have you ever noticed the tiny indentation in the back of your phone? No not the camera, next to that.

(Right about now I'm sure you're all turning your attention away from this article and examining the back of your phone...)

Do you see it? Great okay, well if you've ever wondered what on earth the purpose of a tiny hole like that could be, we have discovered all of the answers!

Apparently, the tiny hole causing such a big mystery is actually a microphone that is meant to capture any sound from the direction in which the lens is pointing. i.e it captures the sound in your videos.

The feature was first introduced on the iPhone 5s and now all iPhones released have this microphone as well as one on the top and bottom of the phone, allowing for even more sound to be picked up.

Phil Schiller from Apple spoke about the microphone's when all three were first introduced saying, "This helps in Facetime calls, in videos, we can use them for noise cancellation and we can use them for applications like Siri."

And while you may have already known what this little doodad was installed for, did you have any clue about these other 'hidden' iphone features?

1. Taking pictures with your headphones

 That's right, with just a simple maneuver of plugging in your headphones, you can click the volume buttons to take a quick pic with you iPhone.

You know incase clicking the button on the screen wasn't simple enough...

2. Your Iphone has a built-in spirit level

If you're thinking 'whaaat? where?' you can find this handy tool in the Compass app on your iPhone to help you level all things that need levelling...(clearly I know a lot about construction)

3. Getting an accurate signal reading

We all know the disappointing moment of SOS signal and how frustrating it can be when you walk around searching for just one bar. Well did you know that you can actually call a number that will allow you read the exact amount of signal you have?

All you do is dial *3001#12345#* which allows you to enter a Field Test mode. You will then notice in the spot where your signal bars will usually appear, a number between 0 and -100 with 0 being perfect signal and -100 being awful signal.

You will then be able to walk around and see which spots have the strongest signal near you! To exit the Field Test mode you just have to hit your home button.

Life saver right!

4. You can turn off notification bubbles

Basically this is all of those pesky application notices that we kind of get sick of popping up on our screens. Well word to the wise, you can go to Settings>Notifications and turn of the Badge Icons completely.

5. Generate random passwords

Apparently using a random password rather than something that is meaningful to us is the best way to avoid being hacked.

And now, we can apparently ask Siri, our BFF in our phone, to generate a random password for us!

Enjoy all of these helpful tips fellow Apple users!

Source: News.com.au

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