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Weatherman Pauses Broadcast To Have A Fart

It legitimately does not matter what age you are, fart jokes will never not be funny.

Which is probably why we've been laughing at this amazing clip of a weather presenter predicting his own personal windy conditions for HOURS; he LITERALLY pauses mid-broadcast to bend over and have a little fluff.

Chris Dunn, WPMI's Chief Meteorologist, was very confidently going about his usual business when some other business became a rather urgent matter.

"You get one or two of those isolated spots on Saturday. Same thing for Sunday through 5pm," he says. "A fairly quiet weekend..."

And then, while rounding up the weekend's temperatures, Mr Dunn stops, takes a small step backwards and crouches down before letting one rip, on-camera.

Any benefit of the doubt the internet may have been willing to give Mr Dunn vanishes as he straightens up with a massive smile on his face before continuing on with the rest of the forecast.

The hilarious clip was uploaded by YouTube user Hellar, who can be heard giggling as his viewing companion demands he rewind it to watch again.

Which, incidentally, we have been doing all afternoon. 

Like we said, fart jokes will never get old.

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