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New Tinder Feature Lets You Chuck A Drink In A Guy's Face

Until today, you had to accept that a Tinder account came with unsolicited dick pics.

Until today, you had to accept that you had little power against an absolute douchebag other than to unmatch them.

Until today, you had to accept that you couldn't tell guys how you really feel.

Until today.

Dating game-changers Tinder have launched a brand new feature, inspired and co-created with comedian Whitney Cummings, that not only lets you tell that fuckboy where to go, but does it in the most legit way possible.

"Sometimes men need a little guidance when it comes to communicating on dating apps," Cummings said in a statement. "And by a little, I mean a lot.

"Knowing I'm an expert on douchebags, Tinder reached out to me for help.

"I teamed up with the awesome, smart, bold women of Tinder to develop a new product that helps you tell guys how you really feel."

What's that product, we hear you ask?

Chucking a drink in the other person's face.


As well as throwing a martini, the new range of animations also include a "ball's in your court", a "three strikes and you're out" and an eye-roll that'd put your IRL attitude to shame.

To utilise your new favourite features, all you've got to do is hit the smiley icon in any conversation and select which animation you want.

Use your new power wisely.

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