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Two Parents Hope To End Child Sexual Abuse With A Storybook

Parents Kate and Rod Power are aiming to end child sexual abuse through educating kids about the dangers with a storybook.

"I've been a police officer for 15 years and have seen some terrible things involving kids," Kate told the ABC.

"When I had my own three kids I thought being a police officer I knew enough to protect them but then a few things happened in my own community really close to my kids that made me realise I was wrong.

"I can't protect my kids, they're vulnerable, I need to teach them and let them protect their private parts if need be."

Kate and Rod Power are trying to end child sexual abuse by safeguarding their children (and hopefully others) against sexual abuse, by educating them about protecting their private parts.

"I started thinking about what I remembered from my childhood and the thing that stuck the most was nursery rhymes so that's how we came up with the idea to do the rule as a rhyming book so kids can engage with it and pick it up really quickly," Rod told the ABC.

They came up with the idea of a child-friendly storybook called My Underpants Rule, to teach kids from four to eight that they have control.

"A lot of parents don't think this will actually happen to their kids and it's difficult for parents because it's personally confronting," she said.

They told the ABC that their biggest obstacle was trying to keep the tone light, despite the heavy subject matter.

"It's very difficult to talk to a child in a way that's not going to scare them," Rod said.

"We think we've come up with something that's engaging for children and gives parents an easy way to talk to children in a way they understand so they get the message without being scared by it and in fact can even be empowered by it."

Source: ABC

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