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Update On Guy That Ghosted His GF Before She Became His Boss

Remember that guy who ghosted his girlfriend of three years?

The one that moved out of their shared house without a word – all while she was visiting family at Christmas time… Only to find out she was about to become his manager at work?

Yeah, him.

Well, get your popcorn ready, because there’s an update.  

I can say that in no way I expected that writing to a very popular but a niche professional blog would result in such Internet s*t storm… I am still very much freaked out about the whole experience but since I promised to give you my update, here it is,” the update read.

Those who blamed me for ruining Sylvia’s life for good were wrong. She has done very well for herself. She is married, with kids and her husband is originally from here. They relocated because of his business opportunity, not because she would be stalking me or would orchestrate this in some elaborate vendetta. It is a crazy coincidence.

“I immediately reached out to Sylvia, along the lines of your kind advice and also offered to discuss the way forward in person…. She did not get back to me…I also dropped a short message to the HR, without providing full details. Next morning (Sunday!) I got a call from the chair of our board of overseers, asking me to meet him as soon as possible.”

Oh man. The drama is real.

Getting called into the boss's office before the work term even began…

“I met with him, together with Sylvia, the same day. As you can imagine, this meeting was incredibly embarrassing for me, personally and professionally. Fortunately, unlike some of your readers hope, they did not think the past failed relationship was a sackable offence.

“They considered it was necessary – as they framed it – to put some measures in place to avoid possible problems in the future. I was also told in no uncertain terms that although the schedule for the year was already set, it was far more difficult to replace the director than an employee (me). I do not want to go into too much details but I found the proposed measures rather excessive. It would make my position unattainable, even in a short run. Therefore I resigned on the spot. My resignation was later accepted.

“In a summary, as many of those self-righteous people on the Internet hoped, I came out of this with no job, no severance and no prospect for another job in this city. Obviously, I have to leave as I need to make a living. I will be shortly moving back home for several months to work as a substitute teacher, with an agency. (My partner cannot join me due to visa issue and family situation.)

After pressing further about the situation and the meeting – and how Sylvia may have felt, Ask A Manager received a second response.

I do not know how it was for Sylvia. I have not seen her since.

The measures included things like we are never to talk to each other without a third person present, all meetings documented, no discussion about her and the management with my colleagues, not even in watercooler chat, limit our interactions beyond the school, meaning no socialising for me. I do not understand how this could work. It would be very much out of character for me and my colleagues and friends would get suspicious. Although not presented at such, it felt very punitive.

“As you said in your initial response, it was unlikely it would somehow work out. It is very difficult to come to terms with it. The Internet craze just added an extra bizzare layer to it.”

Well there you have it. Ten years ago he ghosted his girlfriend and the repercussions are still rolling in.

While we are sad that his partner can’t up and move with him and start afresh in a new city (I mean, hell, she didn’t do anything wrong!) we are glad that karma had a way of circling around in some way or another.

Read the full second confession here. 

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